I’ve been watching all the news reports about shootings, bullying, social media & mental health concerns in schools. As well as, seeing first-hand, students struggling & crying to me about their own life issues.  I’m also a mom of two beautiful girls, that I’ve been watching deal with many life changing issues, all while going to school to focus on core curriculum subjects. Not one  class completely  focuses on how to understand their self-esteem, self-worth, as well as, creating tools to help themselves mentally when needed.  

This raised a huge red flag to me not just as a parent but also as a member of our society.  

Our teachers do the best they can, and this isn't about what they are or aren't doing now. This is much bigger than them.   

The safety in schools should be reviewed and possibly restructured to fit the needs of each school's environment BUT this is bigger than even that.  We need to look at the root cause of why safety needs to be revamped, gun control is in the news, mental health is being reviewed, children taking their own lives, drugs and gangs still in place.   


This is about EDUCATING on a different level.   

Our youth need a revision to their current core curriculum.  It's about incorporating into ALL schools a focus around THEM, the student!  These tool sets would in turn help students to stay focused, motivated, inspired and how to manage stress, cope, respect and know that they can achieve what others said they couldn't.  

It will teach them how to handle real-life situations and know it’s okay to speak up or ask for help. It puts ownership on each student for their behavior and teaches them about consequences of their actions.  

It's time to stop ignoring their cries, as these students and teachers make up 85% of schools and their voices should matter most.

Learn WHY


School Shootings

There have been over 65 school shootings in 2017 and already 24 school shootings in 2018


We might not be able to stop it but knowing how to handle it properly is half the battle.  Hold your head high because you matter.


No matter the type of abuse:  

* Physical             * Sexual

* Abandonment     * Mental   

* Self - Harming  

These affect every childs ablitliy to focus on class work & homework.

Peer Pressure

Peer Influence vs Peer Pressure can be hard at times to decipher.  

Our youth should be able to be given the tools to know the difference and stand up for what they think is key to their success.


 They say that students living in poverty may stop going to school, so they can work to help their family, which leaves them without knowledge & skill sets to further their careers. This then can become a cycle of life with their own children.  

However, if we had a way to teach them and give them tools to know that they can break that cycle and there is help out there. They could be the next CEO, Public Speaker, Teacher, Public Official or even President of our great nation.


Mental Health

This is a silent epidemic.  

Did you know that 1 and 5 students show signs or symptoms each year, yet many have to struggle through class because they are either unheard, scared or pushed off to someone else.

When does their voices matter?

Students will have experienced one or more of the above during their young life