K - 5th Grade Concept

Foundation Building

This level is for creating that base understanding of why students need to be aware of their self-emotions & feelings.  They need to understand how to make good choices and learn how to communicate with others.  This in turn helps with bullying, communication issues and being able to identify any at risk factors from a teacher's standpoint.  

Students at this level are dealing a lot with:


*Making Friends

*Wanting to Fit In

*Identifying Who They Are

*New Environments


*Trust Issues

Learnings at this level

  • Responsive & Reactive Behaviors 
  • Self-Awareness Skills 
  • Social Interactions 
  • Stress Levels
  • Self-Esteem 
  • Concentration Techniques


We want use this as a platform to help start coming up with a true concept that would work for each school district in each state that may need to touch more on one learning more than the other(s) BUT does teach on all levels called out for these school grade levels.