Thank you will never be enough

I see and hear all about amazing teachers that go the extra-mile during & after school to help make sure students get help or support when no one else would.  THANK YOU as I know it’s not in your job duties to do so but you know that they might not otherwise get that help or support. THANK YOU  for seeing that there was something causing them to feel or act a certain way. THANK YOU  for being that protector when we are not with our child. THANK YOU  for trying your best to identify the best way to help them. THANK YOU  for being a teacher. I SEE YOUR CAPE even when you said it was invisible 😊

This concept is to help support current teachers in a way to alert one another about at risk students in a manner that doesn't make a student feel called out or create stressful situations.  

It also guarantees that those students that have been requested or advised to see a therapist or counselor outside of school, is at least getting some basic self focused tools and education to help them temporarily.

It allows for a licensed/certified counselor lead a class to identify triggers or issues with student(s) and then determine what best route to take and creates an ownership with students to have respect and ownership of their behavior, knowing that it is a grade that follows them their whole beginning chapters of life.  Creates a record book that helps schools and teachers together on best learning styles for students and supports other teachers on how to handle any at risk students by knowing what to look for while in their class(es).  A licensed/certified counselor could help with tool and tricks to even help other teachers when teaching.   We are never to old to learn ourselves.

You shouldn't be alone in this fight to help each student know their worth in this world