9th - 12th Grade Concept

Enhancing Skills & Knowledge

This level is for taking the skills and tools that they have been learning over the years and preparing them for being out on their own and ownership of thier positive/negative choices.  These students not only focus on their current skill and tool sets but also fear factors of being on their own, resources, relationships and  college.

As well as, helping in identifying at risk factors from a teacher's standpoint.            

Students at this level are dealing a lot with:


*College Choices

*Family Conflict

*Body Image







*Social Media

*Teen Pregnancy

Learnings at this level

  • Self-Nurture & Regulate Emotions 
  • Constructive Communicating
  • Community Involvement 
  • Adulthood Responsibilities    
  • Relationship Skills

Plus a continuation of:  

  • Emotional Regulation 
  • Mindful Awareness practices
  • Self Confidence  
  • Decision Making Skills  
  • Responsive & Reactive Behaviors  
  • Self-Awareness Skills  
  • Social Interactions  
  • Stress Levels  
  • Self-Esteem  
  • Concentration Techniques


We want use this as a platform to help start coming up with a true concept that would work for each school district in each state that may need to touch more on one learning more than the other(s) BUT does teach on all levels called out for these school grade levels.