The world is changing, why shouldn't schools focus?

Take Self & Emotional Learning (SEL) To The Next LEVEL


This is an effort to push that a change in our school’s structured learning happens at a NATIONAL level to support what is implemented at a district level. 

It’s been identified repeatedly that there are true issues happening in our communities that involve youth.  We need to, not only, teach our youth about empowering and motivating themselves to be the best they can but to also identify their own stress levels, sadness, obstacles, ownerships and fears.  They should be able to have tools to help transition that negativity into constructive reinforcement and responsibilities. 

Our youth need to believe in themselves, as they may not be getting that type of support at home or in schools currently.  They need to be able to have mentoring, counseling and life-skills training structures so that there's a way for them to have a voice & understand that they have true ownerships for their actions regardless good or bad.

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"Our youth need to know that we not only hear them but are LISTENING.  

The only way we, as adults, community, state, and a NATION can start to see a change in all these horrible tragedies that have been progressively happening in schools each year is to stop being reactive and start being PROACTIVE. 

We need to take a step back and look at the bigger issue involving our children and their education."    - Holly LaGasse

Design Concept


This course/class at each grade level will focus completely on teaching & providing students tools for self-awareness & management, responsible decision-making, emotional behaviors, relationship skills, and social awareness.  This course/class is designed to be hands-on/real world focused that's based on each grade level. 

This course/class should be easily useful in everyday school situations by both teachers and students. This is taking the National Health Education Standards and CASEL Core Competencies to the next level that is long overdue. Realizing that this course/class is needed for students helps students & schools with the following: 

•    Test preparations 

•    High attendance/participation in class/school 

•    Reduction in bullying 

•    Higher test scores 

•    Higher community involvement 

•    Alerting to issues around: 

           o  Mental health 

           o  Self-harming 

           o  Bullying  

           o  Abuse 

           o  Learning styles 

•    Awareness of responsibilities 

•    Constructive communicating 

•    Less stress on other teachers owning this responsibly that truly isn’t assigned to them but do because the care about their students. 

•    Having certified counselor lead course(s)/class(es) allows for better alerting capabilities 

•    Student ownership of their behavior for a true grade 

•    Students have a voice to share concerns or issues 

•    Elevate the worry of missing out on class assignments/work to deal with emotional issues with a counselor. 

Teachers are still able to easily integrate the current SEL concept into their class focus (Math, English, Physical Ed, Science, etc.) but this concept would allow there to be a true course/class led by a certified counselor that more than most times isn’t available to students outside of school due to multiple reasons.

Course Levels Design

K - 5th

Start the conversation and understanding early

6th - 8th

Guiding them through transitional chapters in life

9th - 12th

Creating safe outlets, understanding and support for their steps into adulthood

They're the future leaders, we need to support them in this ever changing world